Thursday, October 8, 2020

Marina Rosenfeld & Ben Vida – „Leaving”, world premiere @ Skaņu Mežs

Leaving is a generative four-loudspeaker
composition created for Skaņu mežs
 by Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida,
who perform as a duo and have recorded two
albums in recent years, Feel Anything and Vertice. 
Drawing from both records as well as a remote
performance that was filtered through the
empty volume of New York’s Fridman Gallery
during the hot summer of the city’s Covid-19
quarantine, Leaving is the artists’ meditation
on the absence and presence, fragmentation
and drift of our present reality, “a strange dialogue,
dreaming of each other through communication
of another order…”

(Francois Bonnet, on Vertice, 2020).