Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Performance: Unsound 2012

PAN presents a showcase in cooperation with Berlin's CTM FESTIVAL. Berlin-basedHEATSICK will present the WORLD DEBUT of EXTENDED PLAY, a 3 hour set performed on a solitary Casio through a myriad of effects to create a "funky wormhole." NHK'KOYXEN, from Japan, will also veer toward dance oriented material, whilst incorporating abstract/experimental elements. The UK's HELM breaks down acoustic and electronic sounds into a dense aural landscape, while Brooklyn-based BEN VIDA performs "psycho-acoustic trickery," utilizing frequencies to to stimulate the bones inside your ear. BASS CLEF (aka Some Truths) is set to release a 12" on PAN in October, and his Unsound 2012 show celebrates this. Finally, the head of PAN BILL KOULIGAS will present a DJ set, no doubt exploring connections between experimental and dance music that give you an idea of where his head and ears are at. Check out his mnml ssgsmix to see what we mean.