Ben Vida

MFA, Milton Avery Gradual School of the Arts at Bard, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Bachelor in Music, Webster University, St. Louis, MO

2014   Artist in Residence, EMPAC, (Troy, NY)
2013   Artist in Residence, Issue Project Room, (Brooklyn, NY)
            Artist in Residence, Clocktower (Manhattan, NY)

2011   Composer in Residence, EMS Studio (Stockholm, Sweden)
            Composer in Residence, Diapason Space  (Brooklyn, NY)
2008   AIR, Experimental Television Center (Owega, NY)


Awards and Commissions:

2014   Unsound NYC, New Works Commission, “Damaged Particulates”
2013   Triple Canopy Commission for “Bloopers: #0”
2012   ACM “Composer, Alive” New Works Commission, Chicago, IL
2011   Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, "Composing with Process"
            New Works Commission, ISSUE Project Room, NY
            Travel Grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2006   Illinois Art Council Grant for Music Composition 

Selected Exhibitions:

2013   “Bloopers: #0” Performa Biannual, (Manhattan, NY)
           “Metal Fatigue Music” w/Jeff DeGolier, NADA Fair Miami special project

2013   “Slipping Control” Solo Exhibition Audio Visual Arts (Manhattan, NY)
           “Sound Spill” Zabludowicz Collection(Manhattan, NY)

2012    “hy.morf.eld” Artist’s Institute (Manhattan, NY)
            “Metal Fatigue Music (1992 Toyota Previa)”w/Jeff DeGolier
                                                                                          Socrates Sculpture Park (Queens, NY)
            “Zizzlers” w/Hisham Bharoocha “Musique Plasique” Agnes B (Manhattan, NY)
            “Biographies of Our Neighbors” AVA Space at The Dependent (Manhattan, NY)

2011    “Zizzlers” w/Hisham Bharoocha “Musique Plasique” at
                                                      La Galeria du Jou Agnes B. (Paris, France)

Artist Talks, Panels and Visiting Artist:

2014   Artist Talk, Liebig12, (Berlin, Germany)
            Visiting Artist, The School of Visual Arts, (NYC)
            Visiting Artist, Brooklyn Collage, (NYC)
2013   Visiting Artist, Colombia College, (Chicago, IL)
            Visiting Artist, University of Illinois, (Chicago, IL)
            Panel, Kitchen L.A.B. at The Kitchen (Manhattan, NY)

2012   Artist Talk, Transmission Gallery (Glasgow, Scotland)
            Artist Talk, Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh, Scotland)
            Panel, with Luke Fowler, The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, England)
2011  Visiting Artist, Bard Collage (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY)

Selected Performances:

                  Ben Vida w/ IIII, Royal Festival Hall (London, England)
                  LiveArtsWeek (Bologna, Italy)
                  Unsound NYC  (Manhattan, NY)
                  Ben Vida/Marina Rosenfeld Duo, ISSUE Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)
  PAN Festival New York (NYC)
                  The Kitchen (NYC)
                  Electrónica en Abril  (Madrid, Spain)
                  Akousma Festival (Montreal, Canada)
                  Lampo and the Graham Foundation (Chicago, IL)
  Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland)
  Berghain  (Berlin, Germany)
  Ben Vida and Ryan Sawyer (Philip Glass, Music with Friends w/Laurie Anderson)
                                                                       at Issue Project Room  (Brooklyn, NY)
                 “Sounds Corridors” at Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)
                  Ben Vida w/ IIII, Sydney Opera House  (Sydney, Australia)
                  Ben Vida w/ Lawrence English, Now Now Fest (Sydney, Australia)
                  Ben Vida w/ Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle), New Museum (Manhattan, NY)

                  New Works Commission Performance, IPR (Brooklyn, NY)
                  NADA Art Fair (Hudson, NY)
                  Café Oto (London, England)
                  Festival of Endless Gratitude (Copenhagen, Denmark)
                  Batofar (Paris, France)

                  Moonji Cultural Center (Seoul, South Korea)
                  Ben Vida w/ Hisham Bharoocha, MoMA (New York, NY)
                  Ben Vida w/Yamatsuka Eye & Hisham Bharoocha, ICA (London, England)
                  Shofukuji Temple (Niigata, Japan)
                  Ben Vida /w Greg Davis, Hopscotch Festival (Raleigh, NC)
                  The For Carnation, All Tomorrows Parties (Minehead, England)
                  Ben Vida w/ Koen Holtkompf, X-Initiative (Manhattan, NY)
                  Floating Points Festival, Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)
                  A Crimson Grail by Rhys Chatham, Lincoln Center (Manhattan, NY)

                  Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)
                  The Stone (New York, NY) 
                  Galeria Z,E Dos Bois (Lisbon, Portugal)
                  Town and Country, Shinagawa Gloria Chapel (Tokyo, Japan)
                  Festival Soy, Planètarium à Nantes (Nantes, France)


                  Locanda Atlantide  (Rome, Italy)
                  Ben Vida w/ Tony Conrad, 2000 Tongues Festival (Chicago, IL)
                  Town and Country, Shinagawa Gloria Chapel (Tokyo, Japan)
                  Town and Country, The Renaissance Society (Chicago, IL)
                  Town and Country, Podewil (Berlin, Germany)
                  Ben Vida w/ Werner Dafeldecker, MCA (Chicago, IL)

Selected Discography:

2014  Ben Vida                                  Slipping Control (Shelter Press)
2013  Ben Vida                                  Extractions (Future Audio Graphics)
2012  Ben Vida                                  Monoblocks and 200 Tracks b/w TQ80108 (ALKU)
           Ben Vida                                   esstends-esstends-esstends (PAN)
2011  Ben Vida                                  Trading Prescriptions (LDE)
           Ben Vida/
           Keith Fullerton Whitman        Split LP (Amish Records)
           Ben Vida/ Andy Ortmann       Split LP (Nihilist)
           Singer                                        Mind Reading (Drag City)
2010  Ben Vida                                   Music For a Soft Epic (Root Strata) 
           Ben Vida                                   Patch Pieces (Autumn Records)
           Bird Show Band                       S/T (Amish Records)
2008  Bird Show                                 Untitled (Kranky)
           Singer                                        Unhistories (Drag City)
2006  Bird Show                                “Lightning Ghost" (Kranky)
           Town & Country              Up Above (Thrill Jockey)
           Pillow                                         Plays Brotzmann (Bottrop)
2005  Bird Show                                 Green Inferno (Kranky)
2003  Town & Country              5 (Thrill Jockey)
2002  Town & Country              C’Mon (Thrill Jockey)
2001  Pillow                                         Three Henries (Hapna)
2000  Town and Country                   It All Has To Do With It. (Thrill Jockey)
            Ben Vida                                   Mpls. (Boxmedia)            
            Pillow                                         Field on Water (HereForeverAlways)
1999  Town and Country                   Decoration Day (Thrill Jockey)
1998  Town and Country                   S/T (Boxmedia)

Articles and Publications

2014     Catalogue for LiveArtsWeek
2013     Tztztztz III….  Book and Audio Work, (Shelter Press)
               Article: Florian Hecker “Chimerizations” BOMB Magazine, Spring 2013
               Article: Julia Holter “Julia Holter by Ben Vida” BOMB Magazine, Spring 2013
2012      Article: “Playing Phenomena as a Compositional Material”,
                              Radio Web Macba (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona)